Berimbau rhythms – Expressão Paulista

Berimbau rhythms

Any berimbau rhythm consists of the next notes:
chiadoChiado – a buzz sound (strike the arame with the dobrão resting lightly on the arame and the cabaça against the body to deafen the sound).
soltoSolto – a low tone while we don’t press the stone and hit arame below the stone, place cabaça away from the stomach.
preso1Preso – a high tone, the dobrao is pressed firmly to the arame, hit the arame above the stome while place cabaça away from the stomach.
caixixi2Caxixi – no berimbau sound, this sound skipping is filled with caxixi sound.
dobraoDobrao (dobrão) – a stone slightly attached to the metal string, no arame hit.

Typically, there are 4 rhythms used in capoeira: Angola, Benguela, Sao Bento Grande de Regional’s (or São Bento Grande de Bimba) and São Bento Grande de Angola. However, there are much more.
There is a list of main capoeira rhythms in the table below:

Rhythm name Music Sound
Angola angola
Benguela banguela
Regional de Mestre Bimba/Sao Bento Grande de Mestre Bimba regeonal
Sao Bento Grande de Angola sao-bento-grande
Sao Bento Pequeno de Angola sao-bento-pequeno
Amazonas amazonas
Cavalaria cavaleiria
Iuna iuna
Samba de Roda samba-de-roda
Santa Maria santa-maria