Anatomy of atabaque – Expressão Paulista

Anatomy of atabaque

Atabaque is a wooden drum (kongo type) that is used in an orchestra of modern capoeira and capoeira Angola (an atabaque isn’t used in capoeira Regional).

An atabaque consists of the following elements:

  • Coru – a leather membrane stretched on the top of an atabaque. Sound reverberation depends on its tension.
  • Corda – a rope that cords up a coru and a metal ring in the center of the atabaque.
  • Grappa – a wooden wedge that fixates a metal ring on the atabaque and creates the proper tension of the membrane.
  • Madeira – looks like a barrel, a main part of the atabaque which is made of wood.
  • Pe – It is what the atabaque is placed on.